15 Pieces from a Faceless Beast...                                                        Now in commercial production




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We spend an entire life staring into the eyes of an image in the mirror...we've never agreed usually walking out of every

meeting yanking the lights while slamming the bathroom door behind me.  Until recently I didn't care what the image did or thought during my absence only to realize without each other life seems...empty.  We're not friends, probably never will be, maybe that's why I agreed to let him create this project.  The image in the mirror isn't the Piano Man, Captain Fantastic, Gene Simmons or Springsteen "The Boss" just a poet with a pen displaying his art in the name of learning how to ignore criticism...



                                    The Storyboard: raw recordings before going into sessions


                                    My Blonde Rock n Roll Roots are Beginning to Show...

                      1.  Not Even a Morning            2011 Remix Video


                                            2.  Wanna Get Back


                                            3.  Just Stopped By   Video

                                                                         Written about and dedicated to the kids at the Levines Children's Hospital


                                            4.  Daily Writing


                                            5.  Late Late One Night 


                                            6.  Hey You 


                                            7.  Conversation with the Devil           Video

                                                                        Theme from my new book of the same title



                                                                 8.  Faceless Beast                                     Video



                                            9.  Here We Go Again/Music is My Place to Hide

                                                                        Love theme from my book Halloween 78 The Blizzard White Canvas



                                           10.  Rebirth     Video



                                           11.  Prayer By Way of Song



                                           12.  Nobody But Me/Kicked out of Heaven



                                           13.  World Peace/Dedicated to the continued

                                                  construction of the Ronald McDonald House of




                                           14.  Kisses       2011 Remix Video                        



                                           15.  My Final Dance...



                                           16.  Thank you...    1. Video  2. Video dedicated to Zondra



                                            17. The Ultimate High Video



                                            18.  Hurt so Hard video



                                            19.  They think I'm Weird Video



                                            20.  Especially For You Video




I've been writing music since the birth of the first grade with barely enough support in the backbone to keep me straight. 


What I do isn't perfect...it's not supposed to be.  Music is a canvas, it's where I go to hide.  The goal of an artist is to bring life to a moment they can no longer keep inside. 


Before figuring out recording paths that preserved each presentation I was the punk kid in the backyard of a barely built house in Billings, Montana singing into the end of a garden hose with the opposite end pressed into my ear allowing the time delay to serve as an echo strong enough to keep a child's melodic vision alive.


My collection of songs have had only one audience: barely folded ragged and torn T-shirts stuffed into a walk-in closet.  The pieces have survived nearly five decades on two track to sixteen track tapes to battered cassettes later dubbed onto CD's and now hard drives.  Over three hundred pieces of something that stretch between 1977 to the present and for some odd reason...today we meet.


The early 1970's Aerosmith had just been introduced with Boston, Heart, Bad Company and KISS.  Disco was hot but I wanted to rock.  My childhood ambition was to squeeze from the box of originality.  Finding a band in my mid teens that believed in the exact horizon led me toward many garages blanketed with wanna-be's and could have been's. 


From Painted Face, to Paradise then Rest In Peace, each  stage was different but the ambition to be unique never changed.  Sadly, the only recordings left are private shows from the final collection that featured Tony Boehm, Neil Armfield, Bart Moore, Gary Robinson, Mark Curtis and myself. 


We were Rest In Peace...a rock band from today.   


My only reason for departure...radio.  I located a new stage that required no managers constantly searching for new places to perform and I could do it everyday.