Hello, Arroe!


First off, I just have to say that of the twenty voice talents we have hired for this project, you have been the most amazing of the bunch, and exceedingly so.  Your voice is of superb quality with heartfelt passion behind it. 


Not only are your readings incredibly engaging, but all of us at CRMT Solutions can FEEL every word that you say.  You have inspired us to go the extra mile with our project because we know your voice will give our software credibility.  We will be back in touch within the next week and a half with another lengthier job for you to bid.  We look forward to working with you on all of our software projects in the future.

Tasha Wood



It sounds great….Thank you very much, especially for the quick turnaround… pleasure working with you…Thank you,

  Scott Serenchation Assistant

276 Addison Road Windsor, CT 06095
tel: 860-925-6065 ext 117  fax: 860-925-6176








You're a major part of my teams success!

-Rick Muzzy Broadcasting Wisconsin-


The only voice talent I know that physically listens to what I want delivered.  I need flexibility and emotion!

Charles Jackson CTN Television


Quality is Arroe's addiction.

Todd Midgett Next Day Imaging


I honestly didn't expect it turned around today!

Jack Douglas WCKS FM


I owe a major portion of my personal success to Arroe's extreme attention to fine detail.

Keith Hawthorne Hyundai/Ford/Mazda


You're the man every morning show should be working with...that's how creative it gets!

Jeff Roper The New 92


You make my job MUCH easier!

Gino Marchitello Atlantic On Hold


Arroe gets it! 

Nick Allen Lite 102.9


For Gods sakes you're a two time employee of the year! Over 90% of us never make it once.

Susan Van Luchene school teacher











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