We live inside the technical, mechanical computerized generation of America.  Fifty fully blessed states

of purchased love, hatred and lost souls.  We are the children of the children whose children had the guts

to have children and there’s no proof as to any reason why the children having children today are who they

say they are—but by god they’ve got pictures. 


We snap photographs quicker than the hand unwraps chocolate.  We’re judged by managers, coworkers

and family members who haven’t the faintest clue who we are and why we do what we do but wow it

feels incredible when we do it.  Or sadly, it’s what we’ve done that left no clues as to why such

actions came from nowhere.  But they did…we were too busy snapping pictures.


One Man’s 1021 Thoughts—one thousand twenty one days of daily writing and only one thought could be

pulled to save forever.  Wanna really find out what America’s been up to and why we feel the way we do? 

Grab a pen, some paper and let’s exercise your right to write.  What you live today is nothing more than

a reaction to an action put forth by the children whose children had children and some how you got locked

up in the mess. 


What you say today, do today, can’t erase what was brought to life yesterday.  But through you,

your children’s children who’ll have children having children can lead a more peaceful tomorrow.


May the sun rise above your tears.



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