From Published Author and 2nd Dan Arroe Collins


                        Modern Day Masters of the Kwans  


   Never in the history of the 2000 year old martial art has an author   

   reached into its silence.  Feared by the Japanese and Chinese, the 

   martial art was banned from Korea.  Arroe has combined his radio 

   perfections with writing dominance to create an audio presentation

   fully capable of impacting the next seven generations. 




                       Modern Day Masters of the Kwans     




   This recording is intended for the continuation of history and the  

   preservation of the spiritual journey a martial artist it

   the foot, fist or way, allow these vocal chapters to inspire new beginnings

   in your methods of instructing the heart, mind and body each day we are

   given air to breathe.       


   This dedication and loyalty to my martial art could not be without:


   3rd Dan and 1st degree mentor Nathan heart


   5th Dan and Master Todd body


   8 degree Karate Sensei Julio soul



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