I don't paint because I want to...I create because I

                                       was born to.


                                        The Poet M'e

      Purchase not a piece of art but rather the vision once held by a self guided poet

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Someone once said to me, "When I read your words, I see pictures.  When I see your pictures,

I can never locate the right words."  I look at them and laugh...for even I don't understand.





When I walk into a book store, the books reach out to me.  I see art doing the same...I never set out to paint a portrait, something from the wind guides my fingertips to an uncut edge of a canvas so white. 





Art is a method of communication...like speaking, over 75% of us would rather stay silent.





I am an expressionist...one who paints with the idea of forcing you to emotionalize.   I never expect anyone to agree with the displays of mindsets and moods until you realize, time is a measurement we cannot control, therefore art is what makes time stop.





It's not supposed to be perfect!  If we'd give up on trying, inner peace would locate roots in your soul.





My first painting was nothing more than me spilling ink on my daily writing in August of 1997.  Because I pen out thoughts with a nib, a little too much pressure on the early 30's British writing desk forced me into a lifestyle I cannot change.  Rather than become angry at the spilled ink, I let it play on the 81/2 by 11 canvas.





I have two weakness...I paint only with my fingers never a brush and I use ink never a pencil.  I believe in purpose therefore there is no such thing as a mistake.





If I could change one thing about my art it would be the hidden desire to keep it from the rest of the world







  My first collaboration with two year old Mia 


Art arrives when I least expect it...like an addiction, it consumes every avenue available until the moment I step back and say,  "Wow...where did that come from?"  


Art in action: 

The birth of art points A toward B then to C and whatever else falls from the imagination.  Art in progression can be far more moving than the actual final piece.  Trust me when I say that an early view such as this is "never" a replica of the final whisper. 




Pen sketch onto weaved canvas--acrylic added to maintain a depth.  My signature never says the painting is complete...it only tells me where the balance of the painting currently rests.


I see Richie Sambora of Bon Jovi. Not that I want it to be!  My goal is to take those blue sunglasses and make the owner of this piece

feel like they've just become attached to several shades of mystery.


Oh what the hec, lets go with the rock n roll flow and see where it takes me.  From this point, any type of medium can be brought into the picture.  Do I want to use thick paint to peak the corners?  Do I want to computerize the depth?  Maybe toss on some plaster?  Setting out to paint an apple in a dish is perfectly fine but what happens when that piece starts looking like a fish?  Go with the flow, let it control you, don't conquer it.  Art is about expression and what you feel at the time your fingertips are put into motion.  I should note...the writing instrument in the upper right hand corner is only to you what I sketch with on canvas.  Use pieces of junk pens because a canvas bites hard and will destroy the surface of something more expensive.  Notice how the signature is starting to become part of the painting rather than a billboard on a lonely highway. 


This is why I got into art.  A sketch to draw the curiosity of a cat to the project, the message delivered by the hand of a poet.  Sketching or doodling inside your daily writing is an incredible source of energy.  I literally have hundreds if not thousands of sketches that didn't make it to this page.  If you learn to put trust in a doodle, other thoughts and ideas are given birth.  This sketch came to life in May of 2006...the quote came to me on June 19, 2006