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Scrambled Eggs by
                                        Arroe Collins Is Available At
                               Scrambled Eggs

Imagine...John Lennon alive. Writing lyrics. Expressing love. Compassion and father. And he can't remember any of it.
Oh God, What Was I
                                        Thinking by Arroe Collins Is
                                        Available at Oh God, What Was I Thinking
(The Journey Toward The Birth of Art)

Before Social Media, texting, blogging or cell phones we expressed ourselves through the lyrics of our favorite songs on the radio

Arroe's Blah Blah Blog
                                        Is Available At Arroe's Radio Blah Blah Blog

Before the web it was your choice to write books, poetry or dabble with journals while comparing your life to comedians or radio station guests.

                                        Covversatioon With The Devil Is
                                        Available At Conversation With The Devil 

An addiction to hard work, dedication and the pursuit of Radio Dreams.

Arroe's Blizzard
                                        White Canvas Is Available At
                               The Blizzard White Canvas Halloween '78

They vowed to rock the world while holding tightly to a landscape of dreams.

Arroe's One Man's 1021
                                        Thoughts is Available At
                               One Man's 1021 Thoughts

We live inside the technical, mechanical computerized generation of America.  Fifty fully blessed states of purchased love, hatred and lost souls.

Arroe's Another
                                        1021 Thoughts is Available At
                               Another 1021 Thoughts
(The Birth of An Artist Book Two)

You learn a lot when you stop to listen. You learn more when you continue to listen.

(Kids & Family)

Utilizing the technology bridge. Igniting the imagination by way of reading. Talking with YA authors. Sharing their story or someone will write it for them.

Foodie's Paradise With
                                        Arroe Collins and Totally Uncut Arroe Collins: Foodie's Paradise

The world's most famous chefs. The books they write. The stories they share. All in the name of unforgettable conversation and dinner.
Arroe Collins: Like It's
                                        Live Like It's Live
(News & Information)

Creating content that turns into a conversation, Like It's Live
Arroe Collins; Unplugged
                                        and Totally Uncut Arroe Collins: Unplugged and Totally Uncut

The biggest names in movies, music, books and sports meeting in one place.
Arroe: View From The
                                        Writing Instrument Arroe: View From The Writing Instrument

Personal conversations with the authors that inspire the imagination to paint pictures.

Pod Crashing Pod Crashing

I'm a published author. When the bug bites the desire to write intensifies. Hosting a podcast is no different.
All Things Arroe Click
                                        Here All Things Arroe

Arroe talks with the most interesting people.  Probing, timely and no punches pulled.

Arroe Collins Purple Heart
                                        Radio Purple Heart Radio
(Society & Culture)

We are the Storytellers. Through this channel you no longer have to hear it secondhand. If you are military. Share your story.
Arroe Collins Play It
Play It Forward

A look at the unexpected changes endured by entertainers, writers, camera people and others affected but not infected by the global invasion of the Coronavirus. Real people. Real stories. The struggle to Play It Forward.

Unplugged Unplugged

Creativity is an addiction. Unplugged because I never say no to creativity. Totally Uncut because we all make mistakes.
Lyrics From Billy's Forest Lyrics From Billy's Forest

These are the lyrics from Billy's forest...Motivational messages planted in your open field of daily growth.

The Choice Poetic Elevation: The Choice

Motivational messages that are transparent. Open your heart and let your creative path find its playground.
De Frag
De Frag
(Self Improvement)

De Frag: Utilizing the strength of your "different" self.

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